Beauty In You

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Mystery Blogger Award

This is the perfect starting of a new year for me as i am nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award. I could not be any happier as this is the second time in a month that i am nominated for an award. The credit goes to all of the audience that has liked me and…

Liebster Award Nomination

    Today i cam across an amazing thing which i didn’t knew existed in this blogging world. I was nominated for the Leibster Award Nomination by The Teen Queen This is my first nomination for the award and i want to sincerely thanks The Teen Queen for nominating me. I feel honoured and really…


Hey guys!! I hope you are doing fine and i am here again to share my thoughts with you. I see people getting stressed over what to wear and what to not.¬†They will blindly copy their favourite fashion icon and will Try to wear what they wear;they will eat the same diet they are eating….

Body Shapes And You

This post give you an insight into the various body shapes of women. Enjoy reading it!!

Get Published.

Hey guys! i want to share with you an exciting oppurtunity.   You guys can share your blog posts with us in comments or in the writing section about fashion,style and trends and vice versa and we will publish the most interesting and best posts on our blog and facebook page.  

Face Shapes

Hey guys! I am back with the description of various face shapes by demand and queries from people. We will be describing face shapes by representing appropriate pictures. OVAL FACE Our first face shape will be the cute and conventional oval face.   SQUARE FACE The Square face is dapper and in the mainstream and…

Face Shape

Hey guys!! I am back with another interesting post. We all want to look pretty, all gorgeous for different reasons. One may want to look pretty for his/her partner, for your longing crush, to rock the party tonight or to look all charming at work and also may be just for yourself when you just…