Today i came across a situation in my workplace where a boy was trying to attack a woman and reluctantly stopped himself because he realised she was a woman and a man stood by that woman.

To this we all would think that the boy is certainly wrong and should be punished.

But.instead to my surprise, some girls stood in support of that boy because he was a brother of one of them and the other was his friend. 

That lady  Whom the boy tried to attack was above 40 yrs old and the boy was around 19 years old.

I am shocked.

This is a small incident but it makes big difference.

When a boy is wrong, the girls are supporting her just because they are related to him. Instead a man stood up for her. He was a man.

I am shocked the way today’s society is hypocrite. When something bad happens, all the society is like yes this is wrong and this is right but who do takes a stand when something is happening around you? Except for one or two noone. You dont bother.

Rapes are happening, people are being killed, harrassed. We all know it was wrong. But the person who is committing these things does not even realise that he is wrong. Few people and in this case the girls were supporting him. Its sad that people’s conscience has died these days.





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  1. Akarsh_dm says:

    I guess society needs to civilized.

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    1. Absolutely. People nowadays are literate but not educated. They like to blabber and talk about the incidents going on but many of them are themselves doing the same thing.

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      1. Akarsh_dm says:

        Yeah your right we are lacking in execution.

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  2. Thought provoking the scenario of society way of dealing with situation…keep writing….nice share …

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    1. Thank you. I was quite disturbed and disappointed at the same time i wrote this. Its quite supportive of the blogging family that we stood together and share the same opinion on these things.


      1. You’re most welcome💐💐💐

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  3. lindasschaub says:

    Your last few words summed up this post … I believe we have lost our conscience and our respect for one another as well.

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    1. Absolutely. Its a bitter truth. And the more hard believing and shocking thing is how these people are growing in and out of the society and we dont even get a chance to realise that these are unwanted social elements of the society.

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  4. Sorry state of affairs. Have people lost their conscience. What do you think?

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    1. The situations around us tell us more. You can conclude from that. But its saddening how hypocrite the society has turned.


  5. I have done an acceptance post. Hope you like it

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    1. I will surely check it out!


  6. Exactly……….literate but not educated.

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