Machine Age

It is complicated to judge whether technology is a boon or bane for humans?

Machines replacing labour, artificial intelligence replacing humans,  clones being created and the existence of mankind in a question mark!

Even the left humans on earth, are they human enough?

Do people really care for others in todays fast!? Honestly speaking,  we don’t really have the time for even ourselves today, then whose gotta ask someone else how they are doing. We are so occupied in ourselves,  our miseries, our relationships, our job, our goals. We don’t really think and act. We accept it or not but todays truth is that on some level or the other our choices, our decisions are roughly based on the choices made by others. People are doing well in their life and we are not, it do affects us all in one way or the other.

We have turned into machines in this machine age. Believe it or not!

Mamy of us do know this fact so we are trying to engage, enjoy and we try to break the monotony. Those of us which accepts this fact and are trying to really live our lives are the bravest today. 



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